4×4 Electric Ride-on Vehicles

There isn’t such a thing as spoiling your kids too much. That’s why ride-on toys are one of the consistent favourites. With an electric car, your kid can drive around in style. As they use their imagination to experience life on the road. Our cars are designed with lifelike features to make your kids’ driving experience the best they’ll ever have. Some of our vehicles have built-in LED lights, seat belts,  realistic steering wheels, and even an mp3 player so they can listen to their favourite music.

How to Choose the Best Electric Car for your Kid?

  • By colour – Do you know what your kid’s favourite colour is? This can be a great candidate in determining what 4×4 colour you’ll buy for your child. Do they fancy the colour red? How about bright green to go even brighter? A yellow 4×4 is also a bestseller. Ask your kid’s friend what is his favorite color, or you can ask them yourselves. You wouldn’t want to get a toy in a colour they don’t like, right? 
  • By size – Make sure you check the vehicle’s dimensions to make sure your kid can fit securely in place. A small car can make them feel tight and comfortable. It can also break sooner because they can’t carry the weight. One that’s too big for your child is prone to accidents. 
  • By terrain – 4×4 Kids Ride on cars, trucks, or even bikes are perfect for rough terrain, garden or driveways.

Are 4×4 Ride On Cars Safe?

Safety is always a priority when you’re considering to purchase a toy for your kid. You can rest assured that our toys are built with safety as its number one priority. Some safety functions of our vehicles are fitted seatbelts, remote control for parents (to override driving if you have to), and safety locks. You can control the car to run no faster than 5km per hour. Don’t forget that supervision is still number one, and there should be an adult to guide them while riding their 4×4. 

Benefits of Owning a Ride-On Vehicle for Kids

1) Drive Around Your Village in Style

How many kids can say that they drove around their neighbourhood in an Audi, BMW, or Mercedes?   An electric 4×4  lets your kid drive around down the neighbourhood with a luxury ride on car toy. We have officially licensed toy vehicles from top manufacturers, so rest assured of their build quality and material. 

2) Ride On Cars Help Develop Motor Skills

Gifting your kid a ride on car to drive help raise their awareness, level up their reaction to danger, and improve their cognitive thinking. Owning a ride on lets them experience actual driving and movement from moving their gearsticks, to stepping on to the accelerator or gas pedals. It doesn’t matter whether you get them a 4×4 car, jeepney or truck. What’s important is this the sense of driving will push them to move and get more active.

3) Kids Get Outdoor Play

In this time and period, everyone has computers, internet, mobile phones, and wi-fi. It becomes rare to see a kid play outdoors. Don’t let technology kill their outdoor play. A life-sized electric car would inspire them to go out, have fun,  and socialize with other kids. 

4) 4×4 Vehicles are Safe

You can introduce fun learning and strengthening their independence by encouraging their curiosity in realistic driving. Rest assured that our electric cars provide your child with the best experience without compromising their safety. They are made with durable parts and guaranteed to be safe. But don’t forget to be there still to supervise.

5) Inspire Kids Imagination

Driving in an F4 race tournament, escaping a fierce lion, or a journey to outer space. A child’s imagination is endless, and you can help boost this further by supporting their vision. It isn’t just a car in their eyes. It can be a spaceship, an airplane, or even a hot air balloon. It lets them explore the world of adults safely. All our vehicles have official licenses to make sure top-quality finish and be one of the best kid’s toys in the market today.

Allowed Age to Play

Our ride on vehicles suits different age levels depending on what make or model. So make sure to read the product description to review the specifications of your whatever type you’re planning to purchase to make sure it’s suited for your kid. Most of our 4x4s are recommended for children between ages 3-5 years old. 

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