2 Seats Official Eva X Series 2x12v Mercedes-Benz 4WD Truck with Remote Control

2 Seats Official Eva X Series 2x12v Mercedes-Benz 4WD Truck with Remote Control

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Let us introduce our newest model: The Mercedes X Class! This new addition to our collection has all the luxury features and will turn your heads with its new shape and endurance.

This ride will be perfect for sharing thanks to the size and power of this Mercedes. It also comes with a remote control that makes it easier to take over the controls anytime it is required.

All it takes is one look to know that your child’s ride on is far from the average as this vehicle is a powerful 12x2V that offers rubber wheels and Music with the MP3/USB/SD feature that will allow your child to drive listening to his or her favorite tune.

In addition to all these amazing features, the Mercedes X Class also offers Bluetooth compatibility so you can connect your mobile devices and play music without any hassle.

Did we also mention that your child can take his or her best friend along the journey with them thanks to the spacious trunk that is perfect for tagging their previous dolls and toys along on their mini Mercedes adventure.

To top it off, the X Class has full LED lights and a forward and reverse gears, so taking the wrong turn will not be problem at all!

In a nutshell, this vehicle combines luxury, power and fun for your and your little Rider!

Parental Remote Control Feature:

All our ride on cars can be driven with in car controls using steering wheel, electronic pedal and reserve/forwards , or can be operated with included fully functional remote control if your child can’t reach the pedal or if they just need helping hand. Our UPGRADED Remote Controls come with an “EMERGENCY BUTTON” to ensure vehicles stop anytime needed.

Remote control can take over controls of steering wheel and control forwards and reserve.


  • Remote Control
  • Opening doors
  • 1 Leather bench for 2 riders
  • Lifelike wheels: EVA rubber wheels
  • Lifelike LED lights
  • Toy storage
  • MP3/SD card/USB inputs
  • Bluetooth
  • 4 motors
  • Battery:AC charger and 12V 12amp battery (included).
  • Dimensions: 137x78x63 cm
  • Weight capacity: 45 Kg
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