Heavy Duty 12v 14amp (Powerful Battery) Luxury 6×6 Official Mercedes G63 Ride on Car with Parental RC

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Heavy duty ride on Mercedes Benz ride on car for kids and toddlers!!!

Totally customized upgraded model with 6 motors – real 6×6 ride on car and 6 rubber wheels,

This official upgraded ride on car toy Mercedes g63 for kids and toddlers equipped with 12v 14amp (bigger powerful battery)

can hold up to 90 kg.

Kids luxury heavy duty ride on car with all authentic emblems and real off road look,include 2 gas pedals 1 inside of the vehicle and one on the side – with option to ride on top of the car for bigger kids with weight up to 50-65 kg.

Attractive led wheels and under body blue lights along with working headlights and taillights making this ride on car very attractive in evening rides.

This officially ride on Mercedes for kids and toddlers equipped with comfortable leather seat for 1 riders inside the car and comes with optional 5 point seat belt for toddlers.

Amazing performance, sleek design and all up to date features will definitely attract attention of any child and will make this ride on car as favorite toy.

Parental Remote Control Feature:

All our ride on cars can be driven with in car controls using steering wheel, electronic pedal and reserve/forwards , or can be operated with included fully functional remote control if your child cant reach the pedal or if they just need helping hand.

Remote control can take over controls of steering wheel and control forwards and reserve.


  • 1 leather seat
  • 1 seat belt
  • Remote Control
  • Mp3 /SD/USB inputs
  • Speakers
  • Music
  • Lights
  • 12v 14amp (bigger powerful battery)
  • 6 X Motors
  • Approx Size: 17cmX68cmX61cm
  • Max Weight Load : up to 90 kg
One may well not own a exotic automobile just yet. This does not mean, however, that your kids are not able to stake a fun of having their own personal supercar.

Right from Audi V8 model kids cars to electric BMW models, electric powered play exotic cars (which are likewise completely remote controllable) are definitely the most important thing on lots of children’s Christmas and birthday gift want lists. This is because electric powered automobiles are not just supercool to experience playing with. Rather, they also present children with a more substantial inducement than ever before to engage in practical, ingenious fun. Even better, moms and dads

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