Kids Sport Edition 12V Ride on Car with Lamborghini Doors, Parental Remote Control

Kids Sport Edition 12V Ride on Car with Lamborghini Doors, Parental Remote Control

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The all new sport ride on car model that have Scissor doors doors and many other coolest features.

The Sport ride on car for kids comes with powerful 12v rechargeable battery and 2 motors for better performance and looks as real car.

Kids can drive this coolest sport ride on car by them self by using pedal or can be operated with remote control, another feature of this rid on car is the MP3 input and build in speakers – for having fun and listen to favorite musics by plug and play any AUX device, for safety rides please use seat belt and start to enjoy.

Kids Ride on car is surely one of the best gifts aver for any child. Make their dream come true today!!!

Parental Remote Control Feature:

All our ride on cars can be driven with in car controls using steering wheel, electronic pedal and reserve/forwards, or can be operated with included fully functional remote control if your child can’t reach the pedal or if they just need helping hand.

Remote control can take over controls of steering wheel and control forwards and reserve.


  • 1 seat
  • 1 seat belt
  • Remote Control
  • Opening doors
  • Mp3 input
  • Speakers
  • Lights
  • 12v
  • 2 Motors
  • Approx Size: 120cmX68cmX52cm
  • Max Weight Load: up to 25 kg
One may well not possess an supercar just yet. That doesn’t mean, however, that your children can’t share a fun of having their own personal exotic automobile.

Right from Audi V8 model kids automobiles to electric BMW models, powered play vehicles (which have been likewise completely remote controllable) are definitely the most important element on many kid’s Yuletide and birthday gift wish lists. The reason being that electric powered automobiles aren’t just trendy to play with. Rather, they also give kids a bigger inducement than ever before to participate in practical, imaginative play. Better still, moms and dads

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