Official NEW 24V Black Rubber Quad ATV Bike Battery Powered Kids Ride On with MP3/SD/USB inputs

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This is the latest ATV Bike from Kidsvip online. The Ultimate 24V Black Rubber Quad ATV Bike Battery Powered Kids Ride On comes with many features including 2 durable and high Powered Motors and Epic 24v 10ah battery for better performance and improved traction. This outdoor top of the line adventure toy, is designed for On Off-road adventures for your little ones.

The amazing looking Rubber Wheels, Twin Exhausts, includes easy to use pedal system, and equipped with shock absorbers and battery indicator.

Even though it was built for the outdoors, it is not shy of entertainment features – built in speakers system along with MP3/USB/SD Inputs include volume control.

This sweet ATV Bike is the perfect choice for your younger Rider.

Please note : This ATV are not equipped with parental remote control!!!!!


  • Battery
  • 2 X 12V motors
  • 24v 10 ah Batterie
  • Battery life indicator
  • Eva soft tires
  • 1  Seat
  • Lights
  • MP3/SD/USB inputs
  • Size 114.3cmx53.34cmx50.80cm
  • Weight Capacity up to 80 Lb.
  • Suggested for 2-6 Years
  • 110V Charger included
Electronic vehicles for kids tend to be unleashing their imagination as well as motivating them to really spend during play time. Consider one particular kid, bring a great ultra-realistic electric power children car; and playtime is certainly transformed into a fun, bodily practical experience. Even better, as well as being able to help inspire children to explore the real world, driving a kid-size electric vehicle is an excellent opportunity for kids to enhance hand to sight control, driving abilities, and their organic problem-solving skills. The only question is, do you want to go past two and a few wheels and in the process, put the excitement back into free-time for your boy or girl?

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