Official Oversized Kids 2 Seats 12V 12AMP Audi Q5 4X4 Ride on Car with DVD/Remote Control

Official Oversized Kids 2 Seats 12V 12AMP Audi Q5 4X4 Ride on Car with DVD/Remote Control

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The BRAND NEW ADUI Q5 will be this year TOP toy with it’s style and tech. You will find tons of features that the parents and kids will like including MP4/DVD SCREEN, music and speakers to blast their favorite music and movie. Now isn’t that RIDING AROUND IN STYLE?

It also features 2 seats for another little companion and bluetooth parental remote control, letting you have control in busy areas, such as busy street or just for fun.

This BRAND NEW ADUI Q5 can definitely handle any rough terrain using its powerful bigger batteries (12v12amp) and EVA RUBBER WHEELS which gives it better traction. Now that is more POWER!

The realistic sounds, a safety lap belt and a handy reverse gear complete this package.

Parental Remote Control Feature:

All our ride on cars can be driven with in car controls using steering wheel, electronic pedal and reserve/forwards , or can be operated with included fully functional remote control if your child cant reach the pedal or if they just need helping hand.

Remote control can take over controls of steering wheel and control forwards and reserve.


  • 2 seat
  • Opening Doors
  • Remote Control
  • Volume control
  • Speakers
  • Music
  • Battery indicator
  • Lights
  • 12v 12 amp batterie
  • 2 Motors
  • Approx Size: 145cmX93cmX66cm
  • Max Weight Load : up to 40KG
  • Remote control design may vary
Electric cars for kids tend to be unshackling all their thoughts as well as inspiring them to really pay during play time. Consider one child, add an hyper-perceptible electric power children vehicle; and leisure is changed into an exciting, bodily practical experience. Even better, in addition to being able to help motivate children to wander through the real world, cruising a kid-size electric car is an excellent way for kids to improve hand to sight control, motor abilities, and their pure analytical competences. The sole question will be, do you want to look past two or three cars and in doing so, put the excitement back into free-time for your son or daughter?

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