Upgraded 24V Heavy Duty 6×6/4WD Official Mercedes 2 Seats G63 Ride on Car with RC

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Introducing you a new upgraded version of an Officially Licensed Mercedes Benz G63 6×6/4WD with a strong 24V battery!

This Benz G63 is one of Mercedes’ most easily superior and lavish off-roaders ever designed and constructed. It’s no surprise that it’s dubbed the “automotive declaration of independence.”

The Mercedes G63 without a doubt is the most beautiful cross-country vehicle ever! For optimal gameplay fun, this totally modified and enhanced model has 4x24V updated motors, 6 rubber wheels, and upgraded 24V total batteries.

One of the ultimate characteristics of the G-Class model is its functionality and outstanding off-road capabilities, as well as the reputable luxury and high-performance that is represented in this ride, credit goes to its comfortably adjustable seats and multimedia unit for your kids to listen to their favorite tracks while enjoying the moment of riding this incredible vehicle.

Any child’s curiosity will be drawn by the ride-on car’s amazing performance, stylish appearance, and all new/upgraded features, and it will immediately become their absolute favorite toy!

Parental Remote Control Feature:

All our ride-on cars can be driven with in-car controls using steering wheel, electronic pedal, and reserve/forwards, or can be operated with included fully functional remote control if your child can’t reach the pedal or if they just need a helping hand.

The remote control can take over controls of the steering wheel and control forwards and reserve.

NEW FEATURE: EMERGENCY STOP BUTTON NOW INSTALLED ON ALL OUR REMOTE CONTROLS !!! This feature can stop the ride on car in case of danger by simply pressing the “STOP” button on the remote control and to allow kids to continue to ride simply press again “STOP” button to cancel the emergency stop.


Please make sure to check the Specifications of this model as we noticed more knock-off versions on other websites that may look the same but features differ (ex. 4 motors instead of 6 motors, 1 battery instead of 2, etc..)  


    Brand   Upgraded 24V Heavy Duty 6×6/4wd Official Mercedes 2 Seats G63 Ride on Car with RC
    Color:     White
    Painted color:     N/A
    Seats:     UPGRADED: 2 Leather Seats
    Seat belt:     YES
    Opening doors:     YES
    MP3 input:     YES
    SD card input:     UPGRADED: YES
    USB input:     UPGRADED: YES
    Lights:     Headlights
    Battery life indicator:     UPGRADED: YES
    Soft start:     UPGRADED: YES
    Wheels/Tires Material:     UPGRADED: Rubber Eva Wheels
    Start type:     Push-button
    Brake type:     Automatic when Pedal is Released
    Parental remote:     YES
    Remote type:     2.4ghz
    Charger included:     YES
    Battery:   UPGRADED:  24V Batteries
    Motors:    UPGRADED: 4 HP Motors
    Maximum speed:     3-9 km/h
    Dimensions:    149.5×85.5×71.5 cm
    Carrying weight:     Up to 100 Lbs
    Recommended age:    2.5 – 6 years
    Warranty:    1 Year Warranty for Main Circuit Board and Soundboard,6 months for mechanical and electrical failures that occur during normal use and operation in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.
    Warranty battery:     6 Months
    Availability: Product in stock

The assemblage of our Ride On Cars:

When purchasing and receiving one of our ride-on cars, we make sure the assemblage process is easy and quick, which is the reason why our electric cars come around seventy percent pre-assembled and only require some minor touches. Assembling our cars is not a hassle at all; we send a detailed manual along with the package that explains all the few necessary steps to set up the ride on. These steps do not involve any cable handling and will mostly include installing the wheels as well as the steering wheel. For the electronics part, you will only be required to connect the plugin to the “contact”.

Please note that, during the manufacturing process, the plastic of the car has to be bent and molded, which will result in small indentations, light scratches, or pressure marks on the bodywork. These will NOT affect the overall performance or design of the ride on car and will still have all high-end specifications of our upgraded models.

Surface nature when Driving:

Surface influences the speed of electric cars. When driving over a soft surface, you will probably notice a reduction of the ride on car’s speed, which is why we advise driving our electric cars over a solid surface. The same goes for riding grass: although it is definitely possible, it will reduce the speed of the car.

Battery’s extra strength:

In order to ensure our customers’ satisfaction, we take pride in equipping all our electric cars with an extra-strong battery that guarantees power and durability. Our years of experience showed us that having a stronger battery avoids the necessity to replace it sooner.

Ride on cars’ safety:

We are taking the child safety very seriously, which reflects our high safety standards: starting with the seat belt that is adjustable and a strong suspension, our ride ons also have a softstart feature which ensures the car’s speed is initially slow and builds up gradually to prevent any fear or shock when driving our models. Last but not least, all our electric cars include a parental remote control that permit the parents to assist their children with the driving process when necessary.

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Additional information

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Brea Singh
Great purchase!

My choice was between 12V and 24V, I decided to go with a 24V car, and I think it was s right decision. As the sales representative said over the phone, the 24V is faster, and this was my biggest concern and priority. So, the speed is right fine for my daughter, she is 4, and she perfectly fits there.


I was choosing between this one with 24V and the one with a 12V battery, but 6 motors. Decided to stop on this one, as the girls in the store said it is faster. My daughter loves speed and Mercedeses, so it is a perfect combo for her

Martina Rahman

Very unique kids Mercedes, it has 6 wheels which are perfect for any offroad situation. The 2 of 12v batteries make the ride pretty smooth and long, a lovely car my daughter loves it.

Tiegan Jones

Amazing features compared to other brands, it actually has a strong battery that holds up pretty well. My daughter is in love with this model, it drives very smooth and easy on grass. She always puts her toys in the trunk, it got lots of space! Loving this kids Mercedes!