BMW Electric Car For Kids

BMW is one of the most versatile cars. Most of the BMW cars function as both classy business cars and fast cars on the tracks. Their superiority extends from heavy-duty construction, design, luxury, to their performance. All these features are the same ones that make our BMW ride-on cars for kids superior.

At Kidsvip, we provide your kids with the most reliable BMW models, including BMW X6 ride-on SUV and the lucrative BMW i8. Get your kids the best, licensed cars in the market!

Skills Improved By Ride-on Cars/ Benefits of Ride-on Cars

  • Driving skills

An electric ride-on car has pedals, steering wheel, gear, and other features found in real cars. This helps your kid learn how to drive, which comes in handy when they’re all grown. They also learn about road safety.

  • Social skills

Ride-on cars encourage group play where kids participate in different games, for example, racing. This helps them learn how to interact with each other, which is useful throughout life.

  • Creativity

Ride-on cars create an opportunity for kids to come up with creative ways to use their vehicles. For example, they can use them to play make-believe games, racing, or even for art.

  • Fine and Gross Motor skills

Grabbing and working with different parts of the car, including doors, pedals, buttons, and steering wheel, helps your kid develop motor skills. These skills are vital in life as they help in coordinating a process and being successful in it.

Main Features of BMW Electric cars for kids

  • Adjustable speed

Our BMW ride-on cars come with changeable speed settings. This helps you to set the speed limit as your kid learns how to drive. For example, the BMW X6 has three forward speeds of 2, 3, and 4 MPH.

  • Parental Controls

Parental remote controls are an essential part of our BMW electric cars. They’re crucial during training as you can take over control when your kid gets stuck or when they’re headed towards danger.

  • Real-life Features

Our BMW Electric kids’ cars feature realistic designs and features, including the start engine sounds, leather seats, horn, and headlights, among other features.

  • Safety features

At KidsVip, your kid’s safety is always a priority. This is why we only provide you with the safest ride-on cars in the market. Our BMW ride-on cars are fitted with safety belts, antiskid tires, and electrical safety features to make sure that your kid is always protected when driving.

How To Select The Best Car For Your Kid

  • Safety Features

When buying any toys for your kid, their safety is always a top priority. This is why you should purchase a ride-on car fitted with all the necessary protection features, including a safety belt.

  • Controls

A good ride-on car should have both manual and parental controls. Manual controls are for kids, and the parental controls are for the adult supervising the kids. Parental controls are essential, particularly during training, as you can take over the car’s controls at any time.

  • Speed

Adjustable speed settings are vital as you get to choose the right gear for your kid based on age, street speed limit, and driving skills.

  • Construction

Acquire a heavy-duty, well-constructed car to ensure its durability. This will also ensure that your kids have fun for years.

Picture your kid cruising in a BMW ride-on car around the neighborhood. Isn’t it just beautiful? Now make it a reality and let your kid have fun by gifting them one of our luxurious BMW electric cars for kids.

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