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Yousaf Baig
Yousaf Baig
We visited this place it has so many options I really recommend this place anyone who is searching for a good ride on cars.
jose silva
jose silva
Great stuff Fast service kids for sure will have lot fun
Brianna Potts
Brianna Potts
Ladies were very helpful and patient with selection while my son was very loud and excited wanting to ride every car lol. very clean location with great pricing! My son is a very happy boy with his new utv. Thank you !
Patrick Kameka
Patrick Kameka
Amazing very friendly staff al love there is a extended warranty offered I will recommend to friend and family
Diana Grossi-Vysotskyy
Diana Grossi-Vysotskyy
We wanted to buy our daughter a car for her birthday and KidsVIP did not disappoint! They had a huge selection of different size and model vehicles. Erish was friendly, super helpful and helped us find the perfect Mercedes for our little one!
Maryam R
Maryam R
I needed a car for my little ones birthday and found their website from a friend. They had so many options and we decided to go with the Lamborghini. Excellent customer service.

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star reviews

My son is a very happy 2-year-old! He doesn’t want to get out of his little black Lamborghini. Good quality with great prices. Works as perfectly expected. I must say it’s absolutely worth the money. Highly recommended!

T. Estes Toronto, Canada

Collage of happy children enjoying various KidsVIP ride-on toys, featuring a variety of electric cars for kids such as stylish SUVs and sporty convertibles, capturing the essence of childhood joy, freedom, and the excitement of driving their own little cars for kids in different settings
star reviews

Very nice customer service! Friendly and informative staff. A much better selection than the regular toy stores. We’re excited to test-drive our new Benz!

Ricardo L. Toronto, Canada

Our Happy Clients

Understanding the Joy of Ride-On Cars for Kids: A Closer Look at Kids Car Fun

There’s an indescribable magic rooted in the act of movement for children. As they grow and interact with the world around them, they develop an innate sense of curiosity, exploration, and wonder. Ride-on cars for kids channel these feelings into tangible experiences. These aren’t just toys; they’re gateways to endless adventures. From the first tentative push of a pedal to the triumphant steering around a backyard bend, ride-on cars offer kids a taste of independence, a hint of the open road, and the thrill of being in control. They get to mimic their role models, embarking on epic quests, saving imaginary cities, or simply taking a serene drive in their own little world. Every ride is a lesson in coordination, spatial awareness, and even problem-solving. More than anything, ride-on cars encapsulate the sheer, unadulterated joy of childhood in every turn and twist.

The Excitement of Drive-On Cars for Kids

Imagine being at the helm of your own adventure, feeling the soft vibrations of the road, and hearing the gentle hum of an engine. For a child, this isn’t just a drive; it’s a grand expedition. These cars aren’t just vehicles; they’re gateways to vast imaginative realms. Furthermore, there’s the pure sensory delight of it all. The tactile feedback from the steering wheel, the visual spectacle of the world zipping by, and even the auditory joy of a horn or engine. And when you factor in variations like the ‘remote control – black’ cars, the layers of interactivity deepen, offering not just mobility but also a sense of achievement and mastery. The culmination of these experiences is not just amusement but also developmental growth. As children navigate their cars, they’re honing fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and problem-solving abilities, making the joy of ride-on cars both profound and multifaceted.

Smiling young girl enjoying a ride in a vibrant teal BMW X6M ride-on car for kids, embodying the fun and freedom of KidsVIP's electric cars for kids, perfect for inspiring imaginative play and adventure in a safe, child-friendly vehicle
Two kids confidently exploring the urban environment in a blue two-seater ride-on UTV buggy, perfectly capturing the essence of KidsVIP's adventurous and durable ride-on toys for children eager to discover the world around them

Why Age-Appropriate Ride-On Cars Matter

Childhood exploration and play are about finding the right balance. A ride-on car that’s too complex can overwhelm a toddler, while one that’s overly simple might not engage an older child. The right ride-on car, matched to your child’s developmental stage, does more than entertain; it builds confidence, ensures safety, and fosters a sense of achievement with every ride. Whether it’s a toddler mastering basic motor skills with a stable, low-to-the-ground model or an older child relishing the complexity of a car with advanced features, the key is age-appropriateness.

Electrifying Playtime: How Ride-On Cars Transform Childhood

Unlocking Joy and Easing Minds with Electric Toy Cars

  • Anxiety Reduction: A groundbreaking study reveals electric toy cars not only fuel fun but are instrumental in reducing anxiety among children. Discover More

The Dynamics of Ride-On Car Sessions

  • Engagement Time: On average, children immerse in ride-on car play sessions for about 25 minutes, crafting memorable adventures along the way.
  • Endurance on a Single Charge: Each adventure lasts up to an hour or spans 5 kilometers, showcasing remarkable efficiency and endurance.

Educational Benefits of Ride-On Cars

  • Traffic Rule Acumen: Engaging with ride-on cars enhances children’s understanding of basic traffic principles, laying the groundwork for future safe driving.
  • Driving Experience Amplified: An hour spent navigating a ride-on car equates to double that in driving experience for a 16-year-old, accelerating learning and confidence.

Beyond the Screen: The Impact of Ride-On Cars on Play

  • Engagement vs. Mobile Games: Ride-on cars captivate children’s attention just as much as mobile games, striking a balance between digital and physical play.
  • Promoting Outdoor Play: By offering an appealing alternative to screen time, ride-on cars encourage more outdoor, street play, enriching children’s playtime experience.

About KidsVIP: Dreams on Wheels

KidsVIP has been turning playtime into an adventure since 2017. Rooted in our commitment to spark children’s imaginations, we specialize in ride-on cars that promise safety, fun, and unforgettable experiences. As a proud 100% Canadian-owned company, we’re dedicated to not just selling toys but creating joyous memories for families.

Our Distinctions:

  • Unique Support: We’re the only company in Canada with a service center for all ride-ons, emphasizing our commitment to your child’s endless enjoyment and safety.
  • Experience and Trust: With years of dedication, our journey since 2017 reflects our passion for quality and innovation in the world of children’s toys.
  • Community Spirit: Each year, we bring smiles to over 2,000 children. Our efforts extend beyond business; we actively donate toys during the holiday season, supporting charities and making dreams come true for children in need.
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A joyful girl with a bright smile, sitting on a green and white electric quad bike, enjoying the outdoors on a KidsVIP ride-on toy, designed to bring adventurous playtime to kids with the thrill of their own electric car for kids.

Why Choose KidsVIP

Ride-On Car FAQs

What is the average speed of ride-on cars?

Ride-on cars typically travel at 6-15 km/h. Our 12V models are perfect for younger children, moving at a safer speed of 3-7 km/h, while the 24V cars reach 5-12 km/h for a bit more excitement, ensuring fun yet safe playtime adventures.

How far can my child go on one charge?

The distance varies by model and driving conditions. For specific distances, please refer to the product specifications. Our ride-on cars are designed to maximize fun and adventure on each charge.

How much playtime does one charge provide?

Children can enjoy 30-90 minutes of continuous driving on a single charge. Factors such as terrain and the child's weight may affect this duration, but we strive to ensure a lasting and enjoyable driving experience.

Can the experience of using a ride-on car be compared to that of driving a real car?

Absolutely! Ride-on cars teach fundamental driving principles, such as motor skills development and attentiveness, in a fun and safe environment. They simulate the real driving experience, fostering a sense of independence and responsibility.

From what age can my child start using a ride-on car?

Most of our cars are recommended for ages 3 and up. However, we offer models with 3 or 5-point harnesses for children as young as 1+, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for even the youngest drivers.

What are the benefits of my child riding a ride-on car?

Ride-on cars not only help children grow more confident and attentive but also enhance physical activity, outdoor play, coordination, and motor skills. They're a fun way to learn driving basics and support the development of social skills in multi-rider models.

How long do I need to wait for a full charge?

A full charge typically requires between 8-12 hours, depending on the battery (e.g., 12V or 24V). This ensures your child has ample playtime for their next adventure.

Can a ride-on car be more engaging than mobile games?

Yes! Ride-on cars require active participation and awareness of surroundings, offering a more engaging and physically active alternative to screen time. They encourage imaginative play and interaction with the real world.

Do your kids' cars have safety measures?

Safety is our top priority. Our ride-on cars come equipped with seat belts, emergency stop features, and sturdy construction to protect your little ones during their driving adventures.

What is the fastest car in your inventory?

The XXL Lamborghini is the fastest car model we offer, designed for thrill-seekers. For those preferring two wheels, our 36V dirt bike tops the speed charts, offering unparalleled adventure and fun.

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