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Remote control cars for kids: Let Your Child Start Going Places

Everyone dreams of driving an Audi. What’s more, if there is one thing every kid wants, it’s the coolest set of wheels in town. This being the case, why not let your child show off finally, by handing them the keys to their very own electric super car?

Fully electric and capable of up to 4-hours of drive time, a kid-sized electric cars for kids is the ultimate toy for both girls and boys.

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What is a Kid-Sized Electric Car?

A child-sized electric car is a scaled down mock-up adult car. In fact, we design and build everything from electric Hummers to BMW’s at kid-specific sizes. Much more importantly, an electric car is the ultimate indoor and outdoor plaything.
Does your child seem to live through computer games? If so, an electric car will make playing outside cool again. In fact, parents love how when they gift a child an electric car, they immediately inspire them to become more active as they play.

Electric Car Benefits

Gifting your child their very own electric Hummer won’t just get them away from their computer or TV screen. Instead, as well as the hours of fun kids can have outside and in indoor play areas, an electric toy car will also help young children build better coordination.
Your kid won’t have to take a test before taking to the driving seat. What they will start to learn as they drive, however, is how to control their faux BMX and how to multitask as they play with headlight, speed, and car steering systems.

Giving Kids the Opportunity to Show Off in Style

Noone likes a show-off. For a child, however, an electric toy car will help them become the envy of every other kid on the block. What is more, as children take to the driving seat, they will build confidence and relish the opportunity to invite other children to play.

Remote Control & Other Key Car Features

As a parent, your child’s safety is naturally your top priority. This is why we allow parents to take full control of their kid’s electric car using a freely included remote.
Perfect for helping kids learn to drive, remote controls included with our electric cars allow them to be controlled just like any other RC vehicle. Much more importantly, every kid sized electric car we produce meets the highest possible overall safety standards. 

Key Safety Features:

  • Plastic non-toxic chassis
  • No closed angles or protruding chassis corners
  • Suitable for children aged 1+ years
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to control both manually and remotely

Choosing the Right Electric Car for Your Child

Kids love electric cars because they help them feel grown up and provide hours of hands-on fun. When buying cars for kids, however, parents need to think carefully about what size vehicle to purchase, where a car will likely be played with, and how easily an electric car will be to charge and take care of.
As a rule, a child will only ever be disappointed by an electric car which only offers an hour of drive time before it needs recharging. At the same time, cars ideally need to be able to drive just as well on outdoor pavements as they do indoors.

Engineered for Fun

You not being able to have a Hummer doesn’t mean your kids can’t have one.
Give your kid a gift unlike any other. Order your first kid-sized supercar today and become the envy of every other kid amd parent in your area. Alternatively, feel free to reach out to us directly with any queries you might have.

This exclusive Black Mercedes Benz G55 AMG SUV is a great kids car and top of the line.It’s perfect for 2-6 Years Of Age with a real horn and engine sounds.Parental remote control works great as well.

T. EstesMiami

This is amazing! Easy to assemble. The remote control Is wonderful makes for safety and fun! It is everything it says it is and more. Highly recommend!


Happy Costumer!!!! My son was excited….. The car works fine, it looks nice. I think I’m more excited then my son!. Thanks

Dorothy GuyNew York

Great toy car for myself and for my son. Customer service was great. They assisted me in programming the remote to the car

Sean Brathwaite Miami