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Choosing the Right Electric Ride On Car for Your Child

Beep-Beep! It’s your happy child driving around. Have you imagined the picture?

Kids love electric cars because they help them feel grown up and provide hours of hands-on fun. When buying cars for kids, however, parents need to think carefully about what size vehicle to purchase, where a car will likely be played with, and how easily an electric car will be to charge and take care of.

As a rule, a child will only ever be disappointed by an electric car which only offers an hour of drive time before it needs recharging. At the same time, cars ideally need to be able to drive just as well on outdoor pavements as they do indoors.

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Luxury electric cars for kids

Beep-Beep! It’s your happy child driving around. Have you imagined the picture?

Kids have a lot of fun when riding electric cars – they feel themselves alike their parents while driving on licensed Mercedes – Benz,HUMMER Jeep, BMW or maybe its a time for coolest cars like licensed Bentley, Jaguar or any high end sport car . Let your child feel as he driving a real car.

Electric ride on cars is a type of ride-on toy, which works on batteries and can be remotely controlled. If you kid is too small to drive a car themselves, you can do this yourself using the remote. The vehicle is powered by motor and is made of plastic non-toxic materials that are completely safe for children.

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Reasons to choose remote control cars for kids

Beep-Beep! It’s your happy child driving around. Have you imagined the picture?

  • 1. Additional exercises for children while play.
  • 2. Staying power. Your kid will never get bored of such toy. Long years of enjoyment from the eclectic cars are guaranteed.
  • 3. No matter what type or model of electric car you will choose, you can be completely sure it is a manufactured, well-researched and thought out vehicle.
  • 4. Tested product. Ride on toys for children are properly tested to guarantee the safety of your kid and security of driving.
  • 5. High performance – electric cars may be driven on the path (in your backyard, or in the park), on the grass, on sloping ground and so on.
  • 6. Easy manuals explaining how to use a car and how to overcome any difficulties (if they appear).

Electric Cars for Kids: Specifications

Depending on the type of the vehicle you are going to buy, and the age of your child, specifications may differ in following criteria.

  • 1. Electric cars can move up to 3-4 ml/hours, and sometimes they can accelerate to 5ml/hour.
  • 2. Battery power can vary according to the type of a battery – from 6 to 24 volt.
  • 3. Time of uninterrupted drive – 1.5-4 hours (depending on the type of vehicle and weight of the child).
  • 4. Weight capacity – up to 50-150 pounds.
  • 5. All our ride on cars can ride with their headlamps turned on and equipped with lights and sound effects.
  • 6. There are no closed angles, so the safety of your child is guaranteed.
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5 star rating

A very happy 2 years old! He doesn’t want to get out of his little black Lamborghini. Good quality with great prices. Works perfectly and awesome quality as expected from this product. Absolutely worth the money. Highly recommended.

T. Estes Toronto, Canada
5 star rating

Very nice customer service! Friendly and informative staff. A much better selection than your big box stores. We are excited to test drive our new Benz!

Ricardo L. Toronto, Canada

What Is A Kid-Sized Electric Ride On Car?

A child-sized electric car is a scaled down mock-up adult car. In fact, we design and build everything from electric Hummers to BMW’s at kid-specific sizes. Much more importantly, an electric car is the ultimate indoor and outdoor plaything.

Does your child seem to live through computer games? If so, an electric car will make playing outside cool again. In fact, parents love how when they gift a child an electric car, they immediately inspire them to become more active as they play.

Remote Control Ride On Cars in Canada Let Your Child Have Fun

Everyone dreams of driving an Audi , Lamborghini or MClaren. What’s more, if there is one thing every kid wants, it’s the coolest set of wheels in town. This being the case, why not let your child show off finally, by handing them the keys to their very own electric Supercar?

Fully electric and capable of up to 2-hours of drive time, a kid-sized electric cars for kids is the ultimate toy for both girls and boys.


Remote Control & Other Key Car Features

As a parent, your child’s safety is naturally your top priority. This is why we allow parents to take full control of their kid’s electric car using a freely included remote.

Perfect for helping kids learn to drive, remote controls included with our electric cars allow them to be controlled just like any other RC vehicle. Much more importantly, every kid sized electric car we produce meets the highest possible overall safety standards.

Key Safety Features:

  • ♦ Plastic non-toxic chassis
  • ♦ No closed angles or protruding chassis corners
  • ♦ Suitable for children aged 1+ years
  • ♦ Lightweight
  • ♦ Easy to control both manually and remotely

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