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  • Kids VIP charges a fixed diagnostic fee of $29.99
  • Walk-ins are welcomed at the Service Center
  • Kids VIP also services Non-Kids VIP products (Ride-on cars bought from other sellers)


All replacement parts used/installed/sold by KidsVIP personnel:

  • Have been tested and certified under the ASTM F963 Toy Safety Standard
  • Are fully functional and in optimal working order


Any parts used in the servicing of this ride-on car are subject to a 30-day warranty commencing on the closing date of the ticket:

  • Any issues that arise and are reported within this aforementioned 30 days, must be related to the defect(s)/malfunction(s) previously serviced.
  • A new ticket must be created for any new defect(s)/malfunction(s) *i.e., those which have not previously been diagnosed by KidsVIP personnel.


Release of Liability:

  • By purchasing and/or having this product serviced by KidsVIP, and with full comprehension of the potential consequences of this decision, the undersigned hereby assumes all risk of injury, and/or physical, electrical and mechanical damage(s) (*inclusive of fire), to ones self, home, life, and property that may occur during, and as a result of independent (not supervised or validated by KidsVIP) use of this product.


Ride-on Car Servicing Procedure:

  1. In the event of defect(s)/malfunction(s), kindly email support@kidsvip.ca with the following:
    • Client contact information
    • Order or Ticket number (if applicable)
    • Brief description of the defect(s)/malfunction(s)
    • Visual aid depicting the defect(s)/malfunction(s), I.e., photos, videos (if applicable)
  2. Please allow 24-48 hours (exclusive of weekends and holidays) to receive a response from a technician.
  3. Clients may also drop off their ride-on car to our Service Center at: Unit 1 250 Trower’s Road, Woodbridge, ON; Mon – Fri: 10am-6pm, or at our Showroom at: Unit 16 180 Trower’s Road, Woodbridge, ON; Sat: 10am – 6pm and Sun: 12pm – 6pm (no appointments necessary)
  4. A diagnostic fee of $29.99 must be paid upon pick-up for all 1out-of-warranty and 2non-KidsVIP products.
  5. KidsVIP Service Center personnel will contact the customer via email and telephone to relay the results of all diagnostics completed. Diagnostic checks include but are not limited to testing of:
    a) Battery, and Battery contacts
    b) Charging apparatus, i.e, charger, wiring, charging port
    c) Soundboard
    d) Motherboard
    e) Motors, i.e, Drive motors & Steering motors
    f) Lights
    g) Other Electrical components
  6. Reports are generated for all components tested; a complete diagnostic report is relayed to the customer
  7. Product Warranties are considered void if it has been observed that the product has been independently modified in any way.
  8. The customer is informed of the estimated cost of repair, inclusive of parts sourced and labor rendered. With receipt of customer approval and intent to pay (where applicable), the department proceeds with the repair.