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Best electric cars for kids for 2023

Do you have a young car enthusiast at home who keeps talking about cars?

Don’t worry; we do too. Nowadays, most kids, even girls, are crazy about cars. They don’t want their favorite action figures, dolls, or construction toys anymore; they cry and beg for car toys all day long. Don’t be so quick to deny them or pinch them for the nagging yet; they could be the next Lewis Hamilton of the Formula 1 and make you a proud mama or papa. However, it could be just an influence from their friends who have cool car toys that they admire. Whichever the case, if your kid has need for speed, we’ve got just the toy cars they would love in 2023.

Ride-on toys have evolved greatly, and the new versions are now faster, safer and stronger for your kid to ride on. They are also cheaper and can be found in any toys kid store near you. Electric car for kid shops like Kids VIP offers a variety of kids cars to drive, including Bugatti, Mercedes, jeepers, and even BMWs.

If you’re wondering if there are any kids electric car shops near you in Toronto to buy a toy car for your small human, call +1-844-543-7847 for the best kids car in 2023. Get ready to drive your child’s imagination crazy with the best electric kids car in the market.

Currently, there are so many electric cars for kids to choose from, and you might get overwhelmed while selecting which might be good for your kid. Luckily, we’ve come up with a list of the top 6 kids’ cars that are electric, considering your toddler’s safety. Other common features in our special selection on kid car electric include maximum weight for riders, seat control, parental remote control, and a rechargeable battery.

No matter what your future driver is looking for, we have the perfect electric toy car for them. Read on.

6 Best Kid’s Electric Cars to Buy in 2023

1. 2 Seater 24V XXL Blade BT Edition 4WD Ride On Buggy UTV

This electric toy car is designed for adventurous kids (or pets). From safety to durability, it’s correct to say that this ride car for your kid has it all.

Top features

  • Upgraded 4 X 24V (HP) motors
  • Upgraded EVA hard rubber wheels
  • Spacious interior
  • Parental remote control (with emergency stop feature)
  • USB & SD card ports
  • Automatic Brakes when the accelerator pedal is released
  • Advanced 24V powered engine
  • Upgraded suspensions (for smooth off-road experience)
  • 24V7amp rechargeable battery with life indicator
  • Powerful LEDs


2. 24V Big Wheels Eva Edition Kids Ride On Truck w/Rubber Wheels, RC

If your kid is Dora the explorer or is very active, this car toy is exactly what they need to fulfill their desires. Your kid can start the car with a press of a button and be ready to explore at a maximum speed of 5-8km/h.

Top features

  • EVA rubber wheels
  • 1 leather seat with a safety seat belt
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Parental remote control (with emergency stop button)
  • MP3/USB ports
  • 4 LED lights
  • 24V rechargeable battery
  • Upgraded lighted up windshield
  • Automatic brakes when the pedal is released


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3. XXL Mercedes Benz Maybach G650 | 4×4 | 2 Seater Ride On Car

Is your child a Mercedes lover? Do they also love a luxurious off-road adventure and Mercedes Benz Ride-on Cars? They will definitely fall for the new generation XXL Mercedes Maybach G650. It’s a combo of luxury and safety for your kid. Let your kid take it on its first test on an off-road to experience the power of this toy.

Top features

  •  Custom-design leather seats
  • Opening doors
  • MP4 Touchscreen
  • Parental Remote control (with emergency stop button)
  • 24V Rechargeable battery
  • Maximum weight of up to 100 lbs
  • 2 leather seats with seat belt
  • 4 X 24V upgraded (HP) motors
  • USB/SD Card ports
  • LED light


4. Range Rover 2 Seats 24V Kids Ride On Car With MP4 Player

Range Rovers are always known to be classic and luxurious. Our licensed Range for kids is upgraded with crazy features. It has the most advanced upgrades in the market.

Top features

  • Upgraded 2 leather seats with safety belts
  • MP4 Touchscreen
  • Upgraded 24V rechargeable battery
  • Parental remote control with emergency button
  • Opening doors
  • SD/USB input
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Upgraded rubber EVA wheels
  • Start with a key
  • Upgraded remote (2.4 GHz)
  • Max Speed (6-10km/hr)


5. XXL 6X6/6WD Edition Mercedes G63 Kids Ride on Truck,2x12V, Eva Wheels, Leather Seats, RC

The Mercedes G63! This totally customized and upgraded model comes with 6 motors and 6 rubber wheels and is equipped with upgraded two 12V batteries for the utmost playtime fun.

Top features

  • Mercedes G63 12V 6×6 2-Seater Upgraded Ride-on Truck for Kids
  • Mp3 multimedia unit
  • 2 comfortable adjustable leather seats with belts
  • 6 rubber wheels
  • Automatic braked when peddle is released
  • UPGRADED: 6 Bigger Motors
  • Max speed of 3-7 km/h
  • USB input


6. Future Police 12V Ride On Truck, 4×4, Leather Seat, Siren, BT, Rubber Wheels, Rc

This model is the ideal present for your child who aspires to one day protect their community as a police officer. This ride-on guarantees high performance with upgraded features such as a powerful 12V 10ah battery, larger 4x12V motors, EVA Edition rubber wheels, and upgraded suspension! While out fighting crime, your child will be fully entertained thanks to its entertainment system, which includes SD, USB, and Bluetooth connectivity. Soft-start acceleration, door safety locks, and a plush, leather seat with a seatbelt are among the additional safety features.

Top features

  • Powerful 12V 10ah rechargeable battery with life indicator
  • Upgraded suspension for a smooth off-road experience
  • MP3 multimedia
  • EVA rubber wheels
  • Two-mode control (encourages parent-kid bonding while still letting them have fun independently)
  • LED lights
  • 1 Leather seat with safety seat-belt
  • Large weight capacity
  • Opening doors
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Start with a single button push


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