Mercedes Benz Ride on Cars
Ride On Cars for Kids

Mercedes Benz Ride-on Cars

Every car enthusiast fantasizes about the day they will get behind the wheel of a first-rate, finely tuned luxury vehicle. What a rush it must be to recline in those cushioned, premium leather seats that have been delicately stitched and perfectly curved to embrace your body. Mercedes-Benz is a forerunner in the style, comfort, and lavish automotive technology, and is known for consistently delivering only the best on the market.

Mercedes-Benz is unparalleled in terms of engine horsepower and fuel economy. Each car is designed to enhance the driving experience while making the driver feel like absolute royalty. Because Team Mercedes is obsessed with creating an unrivalled driver experience, every product is designed to appeal to the senses, and there is a collection that emulates every personality. Client inclusivity is at the forefront of the Mercedes-Benz operation, from the rugged nature of the G Series to the commanding persona of the Maybach or the sub-urban, commodious feel of the GLA.

KidsVIP, like the Mercedes-Benz family, takes pride in providing its customers with ultra-modern, dynamically designed products. Our Mercedes-Benz ride-on car collection exemplifies this mantra perfectly; a perfect assortment of exclusively available, authentic ride-on cars that have been meticulously designed to provide our VIP kids with the lavish experience that their parents so frequently enjoy.

Our collection boasts opening doors, deluxe interiors with the finest Eco-leather seats, mandatory safety seat belts, and high-tech Bluetooth, MP3, USB, and SD-compatible built-in entertainment systems.

The Mercedes-Benz AMG collection, in particular, sets the standard for opulence with exclusive floor mats that proudly display the genuine Mercedes-Benz insignia. This best-seller is adorned with light-up Mercedes-Benz emblems that are meticulously placed atop the chrome nudge bar to add to the overall design’s awe-inspiring aesthetics. The AMG lineup includes 2×2, 4×4, and 6×6 model variants designed to tackle any terrain. Our 4×4, 24-volt Mercedes Benz AMG G63’s four 24-volt HP motors work in tandem to challenge every surface to deliver smooth, effortless road performance, while its 2×2, 12-volt variant operates with less torque and incorporates a soft-start feature that prepares toddlers ages 1 to 4 for their introduction to the more robust 24V models. While the two-wheel and four-wheel drive variants exude grandeur, the 12-volt six-wheel drive AMG exudes storage and functionality; an opening tailgate, increased clearance, and additional storage bear witness to the 6×6’s mantra of harmoniously combining luxury and practicality.

Tied neck-and-neck with the AMG in the race of novel automation, the Mercedes Maybach collection is undoubtedly the result of master engineering and meticulous workmanship. Both the 12-volt and 24-volt versions of this model include four HP motors to provide our older kids likewise our tiniest tots with the unrivalled performance of a 4×4. Similar in design to the 6×6 AMG, the Maybach also has convenient storage space in the rear and exceptional clearance to master everyday surfaces. The Maybach collection, as the leader in luxury and innovation, ensures that every detail is added on a grand scale. The 12-volt Maybach’s show-stopping, coloured under-glow lights enhance its overall design, allowing the LED illumination to appeal to the senses and emanate the majestic presence in addition to the palatial comfort that Mercedes is known for.

The Mercedes-Benz GLA ride-on car oozes poise and power and is designed to appeal to more traditional drivers. This model, which is only available in a 12-volt version, exudes convenience, conventionality, and magnificence. From the thoughtfully placed cup-holder to the small-scale but user-friendly aspects of its music system, kids can take command of their Mercedes GLA – designed and built with SUV connoisseurs in mind.

With a Mercedes-Benz ride-on car from KidsVIP, your child will certainly be the envy of the playground!

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