24v Electric Ride On Cars For Kids

Kids nowadays are mostly playing indoor games or spending their time on computers or gadgets. While these activities are fun, we also want to encourage our kids to play outdoors. We have jeeps, cars, and bikes to let your kids get physically active, and use their imagination. Riding these realistic cars allow them to transport them to another place, and opens their mind to imagination and creativity. 

Giving your kids electric vehicles can instantly brighten up their day, bringing huge smiles and happiness on their faces. Especially when they see how amazing their brand new electric car is. This is more than just them driving or playing. They are learning how to move, become responsible, and discover their surroundings. 

How to Choose the Best 24v Ride On Car for your Kid?

  • By colour – What’s your child’s favourite colour? Consider this as your first option when thinking about what to buy for your child. Do you notice if he/she is into hues of blues? How about funky fuschia, radial red, or majestic magenta? Well. If they have a favourite colour of their choice, you won’t have a problem. Because here at Kids VIP, we have cars in any colour imaginable.
  • By size – Check the dimensions of your ride on vehicle to make sure your child fits. Too big of a car can make them prone to unwanted dangers and accidents. Too small is uncomfortable and they might not make them want to ride their car. 
  • By Terrain – Some electric vehicles for kids drive best on smooth roads, while some are built to drive on rough terrain like your garden, our outdoors.

But no matter what kind of ride on you get for your kid, make sure there is always adult supervision to keep them safe from harm.

How fast does a ride on vehicle go?

The quick answer is 6mph or 6 miles per hour. Vehicles with 12v and motors can run up to the speed of 4mph. However, some electric car for kids with 24v batteries can have 12v motors. This allows the car to have a longer charge in their batteries but sacrifices speed. 

Benefits of Owning a 24v Ride On Vehicle for Kids

1) Develop Your Kid’s Motor Skills

Electric vehicles for kids are made to work and look like cars. This is why every feature is detailed. From the doors, hood, to the steering wheels. When kids drive these vehicles, they experience almost the same feel as driving a real car. The steering wheel can let them maneuver the car in the direction they choose. 

With this in mind, kids need to learn how to swerve to prevent roadblocks or slow down their pace on a bumpy landscape. This helps them understand the concept of space and improve their spatial intelligence. 

2) Encourage them to play outdoors

With all the videogames, mobile devices, and gadgets available. Kids nowadays rarely go outdoors to play. Outdoor play is an essential experience for kids, especially during their development stage. Owning a car encourages them to get physically active, explore, and learn about the world beyond their screens. 

3) Gives your child a sense of control

Gifting your kid a vehicle, whether a bike, car or truck, can make your child more observing and reliant. They learn how to deal with obstacles and handle problems they encounter along their pathways. This gives them better self-esteem, confidence, and a sense of accomplishment. 

4) Ride On Vehicles are Safe

Don’t worry. We have the best electric vehicles to give your kid a fun experience without compromising on safety. Our 24v ride-on vehicles are built from durable parts so they are guaranteed safe. But still, always be there for supervision.

5) Build their Creativity and Imagination

Owning electric cars can inspire kids to create scenarios and stories with their pals. This might be pretend-play for adults, and they’re so cute to watch. But this situation helps develop your child’s ability to solve problems and to think critically. 

Allowed Age to Play

A big factor in choosing what kind of ride-on toy you choose for them will depend on their age. Do they have enough motor skills? Can you leave them with minimal supervision? How fast should they go? You don’t have to worry because some vehicles available now have control settings for parents. Where you can limit the top speed to ensure your child’s safety. 

Because 24V vehicles run faster than the common 6v, or 12v ride on cars. We recommend 24v ride on vehicles for kids 6 years old and above.

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