MCLaren Cars For Kids & Toddlers

McLaren cars are always engineered for performance and comfort. They also come in one of the best designs and features in the World and guarantee satisfaction. Now imagine all these qualities wrapped in an amazing Ride On car for your child. All the luxurious looks and features will be a dream come true for them!

At Kids VIP, we provide you with the best McLaren ride-on models for your kids to enjoy. These include the McLaren P1, McLaren 720S Complete Edition and McLaren 720S Sport.

Skills improved by owning a McLaren Car

  • Social skills

When your kid has a classy and luxurious McLaren ride on car, other kids want to play with them. Through this interaction with their friends, your kid learns how to interact with others in a healthy and fun manner.

  • Motor skills

This refers to the development of physical skills. By using a ride-on car, such as a McLaren, your kid gets to steer, pedal and indulge in other activities which help them develop fine physical skills.

  • Competitiveness

Competition is always a part of our lives. Developing the need to compete fairly and not give up even when we lose should start from an early age. By buying your child a McLaren, they have a way to compete with others through races and other activities. They’ll wake up every day looking forward to more competitions.

  • Exploration and adventure

Indoor games, especially video games, are addictive with no room for much creativity apart from within the game. With a McLaren, your kid is brought to a whole new world full of beautiful things to discover every time they’re outside cruising in their luxury ride-on. This fosters their sense of adventure and exploration.

  • Driving skills

McLaren ride-on cars are fitted with pedals and a steering wheel which enables your kids to learn how to drive. When they grow up, driving real cars will be easier for them thanks to the exposure they had when they were young. They also get to learn some road safety rules which are applicable later in their lives.

Main features of the McLaren

  • Variable Speed settings

Our McLaren cars for kids have variable speeds that allow you to increase the speed limit as your kid grows. For example, the McLaren P1 has a forward speed of up to 2, 3, and 4 MPH.

  • Dual Control

Our McLaren cars for kids have both remote control and manual control capabilities. The wireless remote control allows the parent to take over the driving when necessary. This comes in handy when your kid is still learning how to drive and need assistance.

  • Heavy-duty construction

Every part of our McLaren ride-on cars features durable, heavy-duty construction. This means that the car you get for your child will last them for years. For example, they’re fitted with durable plastic tires which have rubber grip strips.

  • Extra features

McLaren ride on cars have some unique additional features including working front and back LED lights, SD/USB inputs for music, a built-in vent with a fan, and many other exciting features. All these make the car more attractive and fun for your child.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Ride On Car for Your Kid

  • Construction and design: Let’s face it; no kid would love a weirdly designed car. This is why you should carefully select a ride-on car depending on your child’s preference. It should also mimic its respective model and have sturdy, durable construction.
  • Safety: A ride-on car should have the necessary safety features, including covered electrical components and an adjustable safety seat belt. Also, make sure there are no sharp parts that can hurt your child.
  • Extras: The more unique extra features the ride-on car has, the more fun the rides will be for your kid. Select a car with music input and output options, real sounds when the car starts, working LED lights, and so on.

Our McLaren ride on cars are luxurious, elegant, comfy, and meet all the safety features. Choose one for your child and watch them enjoy their rides around the neighborhood.

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