Mack Truck For Kids

Hello dear parents and guardians! Today, we’re introducing you to a magical journey on wheels for your little ones. Dive in with us to explore the world of Kidsvip MACK TRUCK Ride-On Cars, designed especially for the young adventurers aged between 2 to 7 years.

Discover the Wide Product Range

  • Battery Choices: Whether you’re looking for a short adventure or a long joyride, choose from 6V, 12V, or 24V battery options.
  • Models & Seating: From one-seater models for the solo traveller to two-seaters for those who love company, we have them all. And guess what? Each comes with its unique touch.

Safety & Durability: Because We Care!

  • Certified Safety: Our ride-ons boast the ASTM-F963 certification, ensuring your child’s safety is never compromised.
  • The Official Touch: Being officially licensed products, our MACK TRUCK cars strictly adhere to safety guidelines, adding an extra layer of trust.
  • Strong & Sturdy: Made with a durable plastic frame, these cars are built to last.
  • Safety Enhancements: Buckle up with the added seatbelts and keep control with the 2.4 GHz RC remote parental control. Plus, with the Emergency Stop Button, you have peace of mind at your fingertips.

Customize the Fun!

  • Luxury Seating: The Eco-Leather Seats ensure your child rides in style and comfort.
  • Let There Be Light: With LED Headlights & Taillights, the journey will always be bright.
  • Colors Galore: Pick a shade that your child loves from our multiple color options.
  • The Real Deal: We take pride in offering only licensed cars, complete with manufacturer’s badges, stickers, and logos. So, authenticity guaranteed!
  • Groove to the Beat: With a built-in sound system and input ports, your child can either enjoy the preinstalled tunes or play their favorite songs from a USB stick.

Entertainment on the Go!

Apart from the musical journey, there’s an integrated media centre in the cars for an all-rounded entertainment experience.

Additional Nuggets

  • The parental remote control isn’t just about safety. It also brings an element of fun, letting you join in on the adventure.
  • Curious about how long the joyride would last? Our detailed run-time information varies by model, ensuring no surprises.
  • Setting it up is a breeze with our assembly videos.

Swift Delivery

For our lovely Toronto residents, we offer a next-day delivery service if you order before 1 p.m. Our international customers, worry not! We have dedicated delivery times just for you.

Take the Next Step!

So, dear parents and guardians, are you ready to gift your child a ride of their dreams? Dive into the product details on our website, weigh in the features, safety, authenticity, and fun elements, and choose the MACK TRUCK model that best fits your child’s preferences and needs. After all, nothing beats the joy of seeing your child’s gleaming eyes and wide smiles as they ride around in their MACK TRUCK car!


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