Best Quality In Ride On Cars
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Best Quality In Ride On Cars

The best kids’ ride-on cars, like the best adult cars, are safe, appropriate, affordable, dependable, comfortable, and, of course, appealing. Kids VIP’s mission is to consistently deliver the best that the ride-on car market has to offer in terms of all of these key characteristics.

Firstly, flat tires are no longer an issue with our EVA rubber wheel upgrades on all of our luxury vehicles. Instead of the basic, plastic wheels that our competitors advertise, we have gone the extra mile to ensure that our cars have puncture-resistant, rubber wheels. EVA rubber is made from an elastomeric polymer, which yields materials with “rubber-like” softness and flexibility while remaining non-toxic and environmentally friendly! The larger the car, the larger the wheels—a design feature aimed at accommodating increased weight capacity as children grow. Our EVA rubber tires are fully decked out with chrome or coloured hubcaps adorned with the logos of the respective luxury brands. How’s that for some cool wheels?

Even more impressive are the exquisite interiors of our vehicles, which have been upgraded with custom eco-leather seats for all-day comfort while driving or being driven. The term Eco Leather is used to describe genuine leather products made from either real leather or recycled leather, using more environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and chemicals, as well as vegan leather or ‘pleather,’ which are products that mimic the texture and colour of natural leather but are made from materials that are considered more environmentally friendly and ethically produced. Of course, these plush seats have safety harness seat belts—after all, child safety is Critical!

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But wait…while we marvel at the interior’s beauty, we would be remiss if we did not acknowledge its functionality. In the case of our two-seater cars, the interior of our ride-on cars is designed to give the driver and passenger as much space as possible. As a result, we offer a single seat with one seat belt, an XL wide seat with an XL seat belt (ideal for twins), or two seats with two individual seat belts (one for each rider). Most collections also include useful storage for toys and snacks, or cup and bottle holders!

Moreover, a first-rate ride-on car is the pinnacle of road performance. What qualities distinguish a spectacular road performer? The answers are hidden beneath the hoods of these high-end vehicles. Heat-resistant, silent HD motors, perfectly welded axles, and long-lasting genuine battery packs all work together to provide the best quality in ride-on car performance. To determine which motor combination is the best fit, one must consider the desired capabilities. A ride-on capable of 4×4 or 4-wheel drive is required for a bushy backyard or farmland, whereas 2×2 or 2-wheel drive models perform admirably on hardwood or ceramic floors, sidewalks, or freshly mowed grass. A mismatch between the terrain and the vehicle will make it difficult to appreciate the car’s high quality and design.

Furthermore, the intricate decals and crisp finishes seen on the exterior of a ride-on car reflect this ‘high quality and design’ previously mentioned. The painted finish of a car is a true indication of its quality; whether a matte finish clear coat or glossy clear coat, the paint job of a good quality ride-on car should definitely turn some heads! Not to mention, the colour combinations used in the exterior and interior designs play a significant role in adding a pleasing aesthetic to the ride-on car and should be carefully considered. The finished paint should not clash with the colour scheme of the car’s leather seats or accessories, but rather serve as the ribbon that ties this incredible gift together!

Most of all, the license and certification of a good quality ride-on car are arguably the most important feature; beware of counterfeit, unlicensed products that are ultimately unsafe! Children’s electric cars must have been tested and passed the ASTM F963 Toy Safety Standard. ASTM F963 has long been regarded as a critical standard for toy safety testing. This standard addresses the safety requirements for toys, which are defined as any object designed, manufactured, or marketed as a toy for children under the age of 14. Such testing ensures the authenticity of the materials used in the manufacture of the ride-on car as well as the finished product’s safety for both children and the environment.

Lastly, every child deserves a childhood VIP experience, and ensuring an affordable and cost-effective ride-on car market assists us in making children’s dreams a reality. A high-quality ride-on car is also a cost-effective ride-on car. As customers of a pioneer kids’ car dealership, our VIP kids and parents have access to replacement parts, automotive technical support, and professional diagnostics, repairs, and installation services. As the only ride-on car service centre in North America, our centre makes the process of owning a ride-on car simple and affordable, ultimately increasing the value of our collections and the quality of our service.

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