Official 12V GMC Canyon AT4 2-Seater Ride-On Truck, Rubber Wheels, Leather Seats, Storage, Tailgate, RC

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KIDS VIP is pleased to announce the release of its Licensed and Certified GMC Canyon AT4 Upgraded 12-Volt Kids’ and Toddlers’ Ride-on Truck!
This pick-up truck is “GMC-tough,” designed to easily dominate difficult terrain and withstand nonstop playtime. It features a chrome grill guard to the front that sports the legendary ‘GMC’ insignia to give the appearance of a fierce pickup truck. The rear design features an opening tailgate that makes for convenient storage space so toys, snacks, and personal items can come along for the ride all while tightly secured! Kids can climb inside this two-door model to admire the ultra-modern, exquisite design and features of this breathtaking ride-on. The interior of the GMC Canyon is both stylish and functional. It is impressively spacious with a wide, plush, eco-leather seat that facilitates a comfy ride! A strong seatbelt is securely attached to the premium seat to ensure maximum safety throughout your toddlers’ playtime. This extra-wide seat allows for two toddlers under the age of 4 to comfortably ride side by side or for one solo driver from about age 5. 
The built-in, up-to-date entertainment system easily complements the Canyon’s luxury with its MP3, USB, and SD music accessibility thanks to its many input ports. With this addition, kids can also enjoy their favorite audiobooks and playtime music while they drive!
This GMC is a 12-volt ride-on car model which means it is powered by a 12-volt battery that drives two powerful 12-volt motors to propel this ride-on to speeds of 4-5 km/h. Large EVA rubber wheels with all-wheel suspension provide excellent indoor and outdoor clearance, traction, and control; sidewalks and other paved surfaces are no match for the power of the GMC Canyon AT4!
For added security, this ride-on features a parental remote with an added ‘EMERGENCY STOP’ button that overrides any manual operation.
    Brand GMC Canyon AT4 Upgraded 12v Kids’ and Toddlers’ Ride-on Truck
    Color:  White
    Painted color:     NA
    Seats:     UPGRADED:  ECO Leather Seat for 2 Riders
    Seat belt:     YES
   Opening Doors:        YES   
  Suspension:     UPGRADED: 4-Wheel Suspension
    Motors:   UPGRADED:  2 X 12V HP Motors 
    Wheels/Tires Material:     UPGRADED:  EVA Rubber Wheels 
    Start type:     Push-Button
    Battery Life Indicator:: UPGRADEDYES
    Parental remote:   UPGRADEDYES + EMERGENCY STOP
    Music Inputs:     USB/MP3
    Battery:    UPGRADED: 12V 10amp
    Maximum speed:   4-5 km/h
    Dimensions:   133x 83 x 69 cm
    Carrying weight:     Up to 30 kg for best performance.
    Recommended age:    2 Riders 1-4 years old

1 Rider up to the age of 5 

    Warranty:     1 Year: Main Circuit Board and Soundboard
6 months: Mechanical and electrical failures that occur during normal use and operation following the manufacturer’s specifications.
    Warranty battery:     6 Months
    Availability: This product is in stock

Please keep in mind that the plastic used to manufacture the vehicle must be bent and molded, which may result in minor indentations, light scratches, or pressure marks on the bodywork. These are purely cosmetic in nature and have no bearing on the overall performance or design of the ride-on car. The product will retain all of the upgraded model’s high-end specifications.


When you buy and receive one of our ride-on cars, we make sure the assembly process is simple and quick, which is why our electric cars are nearly seventy percent pre-assembled and only require minor adjustments. Assembling our cars is simple; we include a detailed manual with the package that explains all of the few steps required to set up the ride-on, and an assistance video can be provided upon request. These steps do not involve any cable handling and will primarily consist of installing the wheels and steering wheel. You will only need to connect the plugin to the “contact” for the ‘electricals’ portion of the assembly.

Surface nature when Driving:

The speed of electric vehicles is affected by the surface. When driving over a soft surface, you will most likely notice a decrease in speed, which is why we recommend driving our electric vehicles on a solid surface. The same is true for riding grass: while it is certainly possible, it will reduce the speed of the car.

Battery’s extra strength:

To ensure our customer’s satisfaction, we take pride in outfitting all of our electric vehicles with an extra-long-lasting battery that ensures power and durability. Years of experience have taught us that having a stronger, more reliable battery significantly extends the timeframe for when it will need to be replaced.

Ride on cars’ safety:

At KIDS VIP, child safety is our primary concern, which reflects in our high safety standards: in addition to an adjustable seat belt and a strong suspension, our ride-on cars have a soft-start feature that ensures the car’s speed is initially slow and gradually accelerates to prevent any fear or shock when driving our models.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 20 kg


Upgraded ECO Leather Seat for 2 riderS


Eva Rubber Wheels


Upgraded 12V10ah Battery


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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Kim Bolinsky

The delivery time for this purchase was far less than I had anticipated, and it exceeded my expectations in every way. Great features for the kids. It really keeps them busy so I can get more done.


The customer service is outstanding, and the car itself is wonderful in every way, it lives up to and even exceeds my expectations.

Krystal Mercado

We went ahead and purchased the white one so that we would have the ability to hand-letter their names in a creative manner and give it a more personalized touch. I couldn't be more pleased with how this turned out!

Great product

Such fast shipping in less than a week.  My kids loved how easy it was to build. They play nonstop as soon as they get home from school! They love this thing

Good quality

I went to the store and my son fell in love with this model. We bought and brought it home and assembly was easy! The ride-on car has a lot of power and my son enjoys the ride-on with his cousins. Great buy see you guys again in march for my daughter's birthday present!!!