Bentley Electric Car For Kids

Bentley is a combination of excellent performance and commanding design. This is delivered in style and exceptional features that scream elegance wherever you’re.

With our licensed Bentley Ride on cars, your kids get to stand out among other rides. They get to enjoy the comfy glamorous interior while the unique exterior design keeps the ride sleek.

Our Bentley cars for kids, including the fantastic Bentley Continental, are all luxury in the making.

Skills Improved By Electric Cars for Kids

  • Driving Skills

Our Bentley ride-on cars feature pedal ,steering wheel controls and remote control for younger drivers like toddlers or infants. Pedal and steering wheels controls similar to what is available in real vehicles. By learning how to operate their miniature cars, they gain skills that they can use later in life.

  • Social Skills

Through play, kids learn to interact with other people. They learn to listen and understand others point of view. This makes them empathetic and compassionate.

  • Emotional Development

Playing with a ride-on car helps your kids’ emotional development by keeping them joyful and calm. This eliminates unrest and fear in their lives.

  • Physical/Motor Skills

Kids require to play to enhance the development of fine motor skills. By gifting them a ride-on car such as Bentley for kids, they get to work on all their motor skills while having lots of fun.

Main Features of Bentley Cars for Kids

  • Construction

At Kids VIP, we offer you Bentley ride-on cars with heavy-duty construction. This is not only on the visible exterior parts but also the mechanical workings of the ride-on cars. This ensures the durability of the car for prolonged comfy use.

  • Design

Bentley ride-on cars feature real designs of their corresponding Bentley models. This gives your kids the real Bentley luxury experience. The working LED headlights and the sound produced when the car starts are all similar.

  • Dual Speed

Bentley ride-on cars feature two forward speeds which can be adjusted per the kids’ age and skills.

  • Remote Control

As your kid is learning how to work the manual controls of their new ride, you are left with a remote control that allows you to take over the car when needed. This keeps your child safe.

  • Special Features

Bentley ride-on car is fitted with some of the best additional features a kid could ever ask for. Features such as music input and output, key ignition, and turn signals make the car more exciting for your child to drive.

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider When Choosing an Electric Car for Your Kid

  • Age:

When it comes to ride-on cars, age matters. They are designed in different sizes to accommodate kids of up to a specific age comfortably. For example, our Bentley Continental is for kids below the age of 4.

  • Safety Features:

Ride on cars with safety belts and covered electrical elements are safer for your kid. Make sure there are no sharp points, or all the sharp corners are covered in soft material, particularly when dealing with very young kids.

  • Construction:

Make sure the ride-on car you acquire for your kid is made of durable material. This material should also be free of any toxic chemicals. The quality of the construction material determines how long your kid gets to enjoy cool and classy rides.

  • Remote Control:

This is important as the parent can take over the car in case the kid is headed towards danger without their knowledge.

  • Dual Controls: A high and low-speed setting lets the parent set the suitable speed limit for their kid. This may be as per neighbourhoods speed limit, their age, or skill level.

Let your kid ride in style and comfort by acquiring one our Licensed Bentley ride-on cars.

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