Maserati Electric Car For Kids

When Maserati is mentioned, the first things that pop into your head, even without knowing the model, are unique design, elegance, speed, and of course, luxury. If you own one, then I’m sure you experience all these features associated with a Maserati and more.

Now imagine having your kid cruise around in a mini electric Maserati and how good they’ll feel making rounds around the neighborhood. At kidsVip, we provide licensed Maserati ride-on cars, including the Maserati Alfieri, Maserati GranCabrio, and many other models. Wondering why you should get your kid one? Keep reading.

Skills Improved By an Electric Ride-on Car

  • Responsibility

Being responsible in life accounts for how we live, work, and success in our lives. By acquiring a ride-on car for your kids, they get to learn responsibility and why it’s essential in life. This happens through maintaining their car – by cleaning and keeping it safe.

  • Competitiveness

Competition is a part of our everyday lives, especially competing with our very own set goals and with our friends. When you get your kids a ride-on car, they get to compete with other kids in races and other car-related games. This requires them to develop strategies to win the games and to learn the smart way of doing it. This is important in life as they won’t back down when challenged.

  • Social skills

A ride-on car encourages group-play through various activities, which all require participation. Your kids interact with others and make friends through play. By doing this, they develop necessary social/interactive skills in life.

  • Intellectual development

A ride-on car has many parts, and your kids get to learn the name and function of each part. By learning through play, they grow to be intellectually superior from an early age. The creativity involved when playing with ride-on cars also plays a big part in their intellectual development.

Main features of Electric Maserati Ride-on Cars

  • Realistic Features

Our Maserati ride-on cars have mimicked features of their respective Maserati models. These features include the overall design, working headlights, mp3 player, pedals, start sound, and horn, among others. This makes your kids Maserati experience real.

  • Variable Speed

The ride-on cars come with two or three changeable speeds. The lower speed limit is perfect for beginners, and as they progress, you can increase the speed to the maximum limit. A good example is the Maserati GranCabrio with speeds of 2/3/4 MPH.

  • Dual Controls

Our Maserati electric cars can be driven manually or via remote controls. This gives the parents/adults the ability to take over control of the vehicle even when their kids are driving to keep them safe or bring them back home.

  • Safety Features

KidsVip Maserati electric cars have top safety features, including electrical component protection and safety belts. These features are meant to keep your kid and the car safe.

Electric Cars For Kids Buying Guide

  • Age

Ride-on cars come in different sizes, features, and weight limits. This means that a certain age group of kids can fit in them perfectly and can efficiently operate them. Therefore, choose the perfect ride-on car for your kid as per their age.

  • Safety features

Make sure the car you’re looking to acquire for your kid is integrated with all the necessary safety features to protect both your kid and the car. This includes overload and short circuit protection for the car and safety belts for your kids.

  • Controls

A kid’s ride-on car should have both manual and remote controls. The manual controls are for the kid to ride and have fun, and the remote controls are for the parents’ peace of mind. They can take over control of the car when the kid goes too far from home or to get them back on track.

  • Construction

The body, tires, seat(s), and internal mechanisms should all be made of high-quality, non-toxic materials. A heavy-duty construction not only ensures the car’s durability but also keeps your kid safe when having fun.

The combination of speed, durability, sophistication, and style that comes with our Maserati ride-on cars is unprecedented. Let your kids ride on the wild side, with style, by getting them one.

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