Kids Smartwatch Setracker w/GPS, Pedometer, SOS Alarm, Games, Camera, Voice Calling, Safe Zone

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Introducing the Setracker, our brand New Exclusive Smart Watch!

This model has some of the coolest features that makes it more than just a timepiece! Specifically built for kids, this watch offers highly entertaining functions that every child dreams of. Starting from the built-in games included for more fun and playtime as well as a pedometer to count daily steps and even a phone book to save the parents numbers and an alarm to make sure your child doesn’t miss a day of school!

The parents will also find this Smart Watch outstanding thanks to its GPS system within it to watch a real-time location with the possibility to define a “safe area” and be alerted if your child crossed said perimeter. The SOS emergency alarm feature is another great tool that sends an emergency message to connected family members. Another parenting feature is the ability for two-way voice calling that allows parents and children to be connected at all times.

To top it all off, this watch offers a camera so your child can take beautiful selfies and pictures and save them in the photo album in the device!


  • GPS Tracker;
  • Phone Book;
  • Voice Chatting;
  • Pedometer;
  • Alarm Clock;
  • Safe Zone;
  • SOS Emergency Alarm;
  • Low-Power Alarm;
  • Remote Shutdown;
  • Games;
  • Camera;
  • Photo Album.
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Additional information

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