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Things To Know Prior To Purchasing A Ride On Car Toy

If you want to buy a ride-on car for your 2-year old’s birthday, there are some factors that need to be considered. Before buying it, consider whether or not the battery is rechargeable, and if so how long does one charge last? Another thing would be what type of body material was used: plastic vs metal? If made from quality materials like steel and rubber then you can expect durability as well as less noise when riding on smooth surfaces such as hardwood floors.

What Age Is The Car Made For?

One of the things you need to figure out is the age the car is made for. The majority of the different toy cars will have a minimum age of 3 years old.

How Fast Do They Go?

These toy cars are low-speed toys that don’t exceed 6 miles per hour. They’re great for younger kids, but modifying it to go faster isn’t recommended by the manufacturer and is why they can only reach such a speed in the first place.

How Many Seats Does The Car Have?

You may also want to consider how many seats the car has. This will depend on what vehicle you get, as some ride on cars have 2 seats while others only have 1 seat for kids. If you need more than one child’s ride in your family, pick a model that can fit them both; otherwise, they might bicker over who gets which type of toy!

What Surfaces Can They Drive On?

The majority of these toys are capable of driving on various smooth surfaces like paved sidewalks and roads. While some of them may be capable of driving on dirt and grassy surfaces, they are usually not going to perform the best unless they are specifically designed for off-roading. Think about the surface your child will be driving the vehicle on to ensure you get the right one. This can dictate whether or not you make a good purchasing decision.

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What’s The Maximum Listed Weight?

You want to look at the maximum listed weight of the vehicle. This will primarily depend on the model of vehicle you end up getting. The manufacturer will list the maximum weight. Always check this before making your purchasing decision.


In general, these ride-on cars are pretty safe for kids. This is by design with their low speeds and built-in safety features. While it is still important for your kids to use the vehicles as they are intended, they are well designed. You also want to ensure you supervise your child at all times while they are using it. These vehicles are fairly heavy which means they can injure a child if they tip over or if a child is hit by one.

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