Best Electric Cars For Kids
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Best Electric Cars For Kids

Ride-on toys have evolved greatly, and the new versions are now faster, safer and stronger for your kid to ride on. They are also cheaper and can be found in any toy kid store near you. Electric car for kid shops like Kids VIP offers a variety of kids cars to drive, including Bugatti, Mercedes, jeepers, and even BMWs.

If your kid has a need for speed, we’ve got just the toy cars they would love in 2022. If you’re wondering if there are any kids electric car shops near you in Toronto to buy a toy car for your small human, call +1-844-543-7847 for the best kids car in 2022 and get ready to drive your child’s imagination crazy with the best electric kids car in the market!

What Should I Look for When Buying an Electric Car for Kids?

Nowadays, most kids are crazy about cars. They don’t want their favorite action figures, dolls, or construction toys anymore; instead, they cry and beg for car toys all day long. But don’t be so quick to deny them or pinch them for nagging yet – they could be the next Lewis Hamilton of Formula 1 and make you proud!

And now that you made up your mind about getting a ride-on car for your little kid, there are certainly some points you must be aware of and look for!

Ride-on Models

The way ride-on toys are modeled have relation to the way seats are designed. Ride-ons can have two seats side-by-side, or just a seat – either in the center (the four-trak type) or just a single-seat model (also called UTV).

Speed and Age Limit

The speed is directly related to the age of the child – because their age is proportional to their weight as they grow. There are ride-ons out there designed for 1 year-olds, therefore, the speed limit will be very low. In general, such speeds are always reduced, however, they increase moderately thanks to the weight and age of the child.

Batteries and Power

Just like the speed limits, batteries for such ride-ons are very much reduced for safety reasons – although some cars can get up to 24 volts, the majority does not exceed 12!


Naturally, new ride-ons will be somewhere between $400 to $700 (or less!) in stores. It all depends on the store you buy at, and the type of car. If you are on a budget, you can always look for used cars in great condition at garage sales and negotiate the price!

Extra Features

Such features are all about safety! Many ride-ons offer double-protection seatbelts, upgraded brake systems and most importantly – parent remote control. This way, you can rest assured that your child is safe in your hands.

Currently, there are so many electric cars for kids to choose from, and you might get overwhelmed while selecting which might be good for your kid. Luckily, we’ve come up with a list of the top 6 kids’ cars that are electric, considering your toddler’s safety. Other common features in our special selection on kid car electric include maximum weight for riders, seat control, parental remote control, and a rechargeable battery.
No matter what your future driver is looking for, we have the perfect electric toy car for them. Read on:

The 10 Best Kids Electric Cars To Buy In 2022

Junior Sport Edition 12V 3-Wheel ATV Ride-On

This model is perfect for the children that are constantly seeking adventure on wheels. Get the reliable durability of this upgraded model for only $269.99 and enjoy seeing your little human on the coolest motorcycle ever!

Top features:

  • ECO Leather Seat for 1 rider
  • Eva Rubber wheels
  • Automatic brake when pedal is released
  • 3-5km speed
  • USB and MP3 access
  • 6-month battery warranty
  • 6-month warranty for mechanical and electrical failures
  • 1-year warranty for main circuit

2 Seater 24V XXL Blade BT Edition 4WD Ride On Buggy UTV

This electric toy car is designed for adventurous kids. From safety to durability, it’s safe to say that this ride car for your kid has it all! Grab your kid a luxurious ticket for endless adventure for just $899.99.

Top features:

  • Upgraded 4 X 24V (HP) motors
  • Upgraded EVA hard rubber wheels
  • Spacious interior
  • Parental remote control (with emergency stop feature)
  • USB & SD card ports
  • Automatic Brakes when the accelerator pedal is released
  • Advanced 24V powered engine
  • Upgraded suspensions (for smooth off-road experience)
  • 24V7amp rechargeable battery with life indicator
  • Powerful LEDs


24V Big Wheels Eva Edition Kids Ride On Truck w/Rubber Wheels, RC

If your kid is very active, this car toy is exactly what they need to fulfill their desires. Your kid can start the car with the press of a button and be ready to explore at a maximum speed of 8km/h. You can get your kid’s explorer ride for as little as $749.99!

Top features:

  • EVA rubber wheels
  • 1 leather seat with a safety seat belt
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Parental remote control (with emergency stop button)
  • MP3/USB ports
  • 4 LED lights
  • 24V rechargeable battery
  • Upgraded lighted up windshield
  • Automatic brakes when the pedal is released


Corvette C8 12V 2-Seater Ride-on

For just $769.99, watch your kid speed up to 7km/h while feeling the wind and thrill of riding on this torch red model! This Corvette provides great extra features and security for you to make sure the children are safe and having the most delightful fun.

Top features:

  • MP3 and USB inputs
  • C8’s LED headlights
  • Automatic brake
  • Volume control
  • EVA wheels
  • ECO-leather seats
  • Remote controls with emergency buttons


XXL White Mercedes Benz Maybach G650 | 4×4 | 2 Seater Ride On Car

Is your child a Mercedes lover? Do they also love a luxurious off-road adventure? They will definitely fall for the luxury and safety combo of the new generation XXL Mercedes Maybach G650. Let your kid take it on its first test on an off-road to experience the power of this toy.

Top features:

  • Custom-design leather seats
  • Opening doors
  • Mp3 multimedia
  • Parental Remote control (with emergency stop button)
  • 24V Rechargeable battery
  • Maximum weight of up to 100 lbs
  • 2 leather seats with seat belt
  • 4 X 24V upgraded (HP) motors
  • USB/SD Card ports
  • LED light


Range Rover 2 Seats 24V Kids Ride On Car With MP4 Player [BLACK MATTE]

Range Rovers are always known to be classic and luxurious. Our licensed Range for kids is upgraded with crazy features and the most advanced upgrades in the market. Get one for your kid at $869.99!

Top features:

  • Upgraded 2 leather seats with safety belts
  • Mp4/Mp3 multimedia
  • Upgraded 24V rechargeable battery
  • Parental remote control with emergency button
  • Opening doors
  • SD/USB input
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Upgraded rubber EVA wheels
  • Start with a key
  • Upgraded remote (2.4 GHz)
  • Max Speed (6-10km/hr)


Upgraded 24V Heavy Duty 6×6/4WD Official Mercedes 2 Seats G63 Ride on Car with RC

Get your kid an officially licensed Mercedes Benz G63 6X6/4WD for as low as $869.99! It’s a luxurious off-road experience for your special little one. Experts have deemed this electric car for kids the most beautiful and outstanding cross-country car ever!

Top features:

  • Upgraded 24/V rechargeable battery with life indicator
  • Mp3 multimedia unit
  • 2 comfortable adjustable leather seats with belts
  • 6 rubber wheels
  • Automatic brakes when pedal is released
  • 4X24V upgraded motors
  • Max speed of 3-9km/hr
  • USB input


Fire Truck 12V Ride On Car For Kids and Toddlers with Rubber Wheels, Leather Seat, And Rc

Get ready to be awed by this new fire truck edition ride-on toy for your kid: it offers a VIP ride experience, and its safety and luxurious features are outstanding!

Is your kid crazy or passionate about firefighting? You need to get that little human this amazing truck, and you’ll have made their day – if not their entire childhood. This fire truck exhibits top performance on all terrains, so you don’t have to restrict your kid from off-roading if that’s what they want.

Top features:

  • Powerful 12V 10ah rechargeable battery with life indicator
  • Upgraded suspension for a smooth off-road experience
  • MP3 multimedia
  • EVA rubber wheels
  • Two-mode control (encourages parent-kid bonding while still letting them have fun independently)
  • LED lights
  • 1 Leather seat with safety seat-belt
  • Large weight capacity
  • Opening doors
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Start with a single button push

Get it today for as low as $549.99!


Mercedes Benz GLA 12V Ride-On

This red model is for rockstars only! Appropriate for 1 year-olds and up, this ride-on is sophisticated and stylish, giving your child comfort and safety on top of fun. Let your rockstar enjoy the many upgrades this model has to offer for only $479.99!

Top features:

  • 5-point seatbelt
  • Music, SD, USB and MP3 compatibility
  • EVA edition wheels
  • 12-volt long-lasting batteries
  • Opening doors
  • Push-button start
  • Automatic brake
  • Parental remote control


Lamborghini Huracan 12V Licensed Sport Edition

At a $489.99 sale, this elegant Huracan ride-on is sure to give your kid a fun and exciting experience! With upgraded features and music-friendly settings, you can rest assured that your child is safe while enjoying their favorite tunes and having fun.

Top features:

  • MP3, USB, Bluetooth and radio compatibility
  • Life-like Lights
  • Battery-life indicator
  • Opening doors
  • Physical parental remote
  • 4 EVA rubber wheels
  • Soft push-up start button