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Perfect Ride On Car Gifts for Girls

Barbie dolls, arts and crafts supplies, stuffed toys – these are gifts many girls dream of. But do you know why they are popular? It’s because they teach girls to be more feminine. However, not every girl wants dolls and stuffed toys. Many are more enthusiastic about motorized vehicles.

Kids Vip is your one-stop shop for a range of gifts that can make both boys and girls happy.

If you gift Barbie dolls and arts and crafts supplies to your daughter every year, you subconsciously make her more feminine and limit her hobbies, thus preventing her from thinking out of the box. Instead of gifting her these clichéd gifts, give her something “boy-like” this year, and you may see her improve her cognitive skill over time.

Stereotyping gender roles from a young age through feminine gifts can be detrimental to a girl’s growth and self-love. However, you can bring a change by breaking stereotypical gender roles and gifting her a motorized car toy.

In fact, gifting motorized vehicles is now more popular than ever, both for boys and girls, mainly because this young generation likes such cool gifts.

Lamborghini Huracan 12V Licensed Sport Edition

It’s a myth that big trucks are not suitable for girls. Our Lamborghini Huracan 12V Licensed Sport Edition can star-struck your girl with its magnanimous size. Moreover, with a range of colors available, you can pick a color that your daughter loves the most. The car has some remarkable features, such as rubber band tires for excellent grip, a realistic look, and a 2.4 GHz parental remote control, all of which make the truck a dream gift for anyone above the age of 3.

Officially Licensed Jaguar F Type 12V Kids Ride On Car

If you think a big truck will be too overwhelming for your daughter, you can buy the Officially Licensed Jaguar F Type 12V Kids Ride On Car, whose size is ideal for small girls. To take things a step further, this model has the official Lamborghini license. In addition, it comes with a full set of tires, complete interior design, a scissor-door function, sleek and durable design, built-in seatbelt for added safety, and long-range 2.4 GHz parental remote control that comes with an instant STOP function. Gift her this stunning motorized car so that she can make the other kids in the neighborhood feel jealous about her prized possession as she drives around in style.

2 Seats Heavy Duty 2x12V 6×6 Official Mercedes G63

The 2 Seats Heavy Duty 2x12V 6×6 Official Mercedes G63 is another excellent model that can make heads turn due to its sleek and stylish finish. If you want your girl to become fond of cars from a young age, gift her this motorized car. She may not be able to keep her hands off of the car for hours. The upward openable side doors, speed select option, instant STOP function, and long-range 2.4 GHz parental remote control make this model one of the best in the business. The upgraded model also has additional features like mp4 players with USB, micro SD card, AUX cable facility, and built-in music and stories option that allow your girl to enjoy her ride more.

Luxury 4WD Pink Edition Mercedes Maybach G650s 12V

The Luxury 4WD Pink Edition Mercedes Maybach G650s 12V  is still a boy-like gift, but with a feminine touch due to its pink color. It sets itself apart for various reasons, such as parental supervision for added safety and security of the rider, a comfortable and adjustable leather seat that comes with a convertible seat belt, and a 2.4 GHz parental remote control. This model focuses on your kid’s safety first and allows her to explore the car to her fullest and have fun.

Audi R8 Spyder 12V Kids and Toddlers Ride on Car

This is one of our best-selling models and doesn’t remain in stock for long. However, you can quickly grab your piece and surprise your daughter with this stylish electric ride-on car Audi R8 Spyder 12V Kids and Toddlers Ride on Car. It is available in seven different colors, thus giving you a chance to choose one that your girl will like the most. We also have a brand-new upgraded powertrain model that has a 24V rechargeable battery, thus allowing your girl to ride the car for long periods.

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