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Kids VIP offers authentic ride-on cars, scooters, motorcycles, and ATVs for kids and toddlers. All our ride-on cars can be maneuvered with parental remote control, allowing parents to join in the fun by watching over the vehicle’s speed and ensuring their kids are safe. 

Our cars are easy to control and provide children and toddlers with safety and fun.

Kids VIP Offers the Best Quality Ride-on Cars in Montreal

Our ride-on cars are from renowned brands like Maserati, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, BMW – and many more. 

We work hard to ensure your kid rides around the city safely and in ultimate style!

Our Ride-on Cars Are the Safest in Montreal

At Kids VIP, we provide high-quality technology that ensures the safety of your kids. Our models are equipped with parental remote controls so guardians can keep an eye on how fast their little ones are riding and ensure they are safe.

Our cars have efficient break pedals and speeds that do not exceed the limit of 5km or 6km – and they also provide kids with extra seatbelt protection. These factors contribute to our ride-on cars being the safest you can find for your children in Montreal!

Let Your Child Have Fun While Riding Our Cars Around Montreal

Our ride-on models also provide tons of fun for your child! While the toddlers are safely riding around Montreal under your supervision and care, they can play around with neon light options some of our vehicles provide or blast their favourite songs through Bluetooth, MP3 or MP4 or USB.

Kids VIP Provides Awesome Ride-on Cars for Our Montreal Drivers

Our models are the all-time favourites of our clients, and they contain plenty of upgraded features that provide children and toddlers with safety and a few hours of fun.

If you are unsure of what ride-on to buy for your child, here are some great suggestions from us at Kids VIP Montreal:


Jaguar F Type 12V Ride-On Car

Jaguar F Type 12V Ride On Car

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This Jaguar model has us all wishing we could be kids again! With upgraded features, your child has MP3, USB, and Bluetooth inputs available to play their favourite songs and enjoy the company of a friend or sibling while riding.

You can watch over the children with parental remote control, and rest assured that they will be on 5-point seatbelt security while running up to a 4km speed limit. And you can get all this fun and safety for only $399.99!

This ride-on is available in stock and ready to be shipped. 

Big 2-Seater Upgraded 2x12V Mack Truck

2 Seater Upgraded 12V Mack Truck

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This Mack truck is in stock and available for shipment for only $869.99! With Eva wheels and

ECO leather seats, your child can ride around with comfort and fun brought by USB and MP3 inputs that will allow them to listen to any music they wish.

They also have their safety guaranteed thanks to automatic brake pedals and parental remote control that you can use!

24V Enhanced 4X4Viper Ride-On Buggy/UTV

Gmc Canyon At4 2 Seater 12V Ride On Truck

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This awesome GMC ride-on truck costs only $799.99 and provides your child with high-quality Eva leather wheels

and ECO leather seats that will leave them comfortable to enjoy their ride around Montreal – and with the company of a friend!

With upgraded features, this ride-on buggy truck allows kids to listen to their favourite songs through USB or MP3 inputs at 5km speed. You can safely let them enjoy their fun by taking control of the parental remote and allowing your kid to have a soft start in the car.



INJUSA | Kawasaki Sport Edition

Injusa Kawasaki Sport Edition 12V Atv

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Kawasaki produces one of our all-time favourite ride-on, and it wouldn’t be different with this new edition of Injusa ATVs! For only $429.99,

you can make sure your child is safely riding at a progressive speed that reaches a 6km limit.

This fantastic product is in stock and available to be shipped today.

Contact Kids VIP Montreal Today!

If you wish to get your children a ride-on car for their fun and security, reach out to us at Kids VIP Montreal! Visit our website to check our ride-on models, or call us at +1-844-543-7847.

The happiness of your kid is also our satisfaction!

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