The Most Affordable Ride On Cars in Canada

Are you one of those parents who’ve always wanted to give your child a cool ride-on car, but the thought of high prices stopped you from getting one? Well, not all ride-on cars are expensive. There are actually affordable ride-on cars with great prices on sale at Kids VIP! You’ll be surprised to find cars that fit your budget, making it an excellent choice for parents like you who are looking to buy cars for kids.

Here at Kids VIP, we pride ourselves on providing the best ride-on cars in the market. Today, we’re one of the leading ride-on car companies in Canada and the US. Known for our excellent service and top-notch quality ride-on cars that won’t fail to impress. Our company has a wide variety of electric cars for kids to choose from, even bikes and jeepneys that will genuinely excite the little ones. All our vehicles are tested to ensure they’re the highest quality and safest ride on cars for your kids. 

Now, we know you can’t wait any longer. We’re sharing the most affordable ride on cars for kids here in Kids VIP Canada on the list below.


The Most Affordable Ride On Cars in Canada

#1 Maserati Gran Cabrio Push Car



The Evezo Maserati GranCabrio MC Ride-On is an amazing toy for toddlers. Whether zipping through outdoors at the park, or indoor in your garden. Your precious one is in total control. The Maserati Ride-On is powered by foot so they’re safe and won’t get out of control. It has fully functional steers so your child can move around to any direction they please, making it an enjoyable and fun time for you and your child! The officially licensed design is worthy of a classy stroll around the neighborhood! It also comes with a convenient under seat compartment for their gloves, goggles, or even small snacks. The built-in steering wheel has a functional horn and can even play catchy music. Safe and sporty, your child will enjoy riding this fun car.

#2 Officially Licensed Jaguar F Type 12V

kidsvip jaguar kids and toddlers ride on car 12v white 5 1 2 The Most Affordable Ride On Cars in CanadaLet us introduce you the officially licensed Jaguar F-Type. It’s a well-constructed, fantastic ride-on car that has a wide range of features that will never fail to amaze. This model is equipped with working doors in front, and LED lights at the read. So your child can feel an authentic driving experience. Moreover, this 12V electric car has 2 speeds available. High and Low, plus a reverse gear for real deal driving. This luxury ride on car comes in 4 colours: Black, Orange, Red, and White.

#3 Mercedes Benz GLA 12V

The officially licensed Mercedes-Benz GLA Electric Ride-On Sports Car in is the ideal electric ride-on for car mad kids to enjoy a stroll  around the park or town. With parent supervision of course. Kids would adore cruising along in style, and turning everybody’s head with a licensed Mercedes-Benz car! With a sporty appearance, and an SUV look, this is one of the most if not the most stylish car for kids in town.

#4 Officially Licensed Mercedes Benz AMG G63 12V

The new Mercedes Benz G63 AMG ride on car for kids is like nothing else! Even up close and personal, it looks identical to the real deal. Just scaled down to fit your precious little driver. Treat your kid to stroll in style! It includes a functional Mercedes Benz steering wheel, LED headlights in front, and so much more. It can ride in different terrains such as gravel, stone, grass, dirt, and more. Let them have the best time of their lives and adventure!

#5 Toyota Tundra Mini Ride on Car 12V

kidsvip 12v toyota tundra kids ride on car 2 seater red 6 scaled 3 The Most Affordable Ride On Cars in CanadaAdventure awaits little kids with this Toyota Tundra ride-on! Let your little ones drive happily with in-car steering, and maintain peace of mind with the safety function. You have the ability to control the car with the remote included This ride-on also allows them to bop out to their favorite music as they ride. Fully rechargeable, this will give your kids endless adventures for years! 


Get These Amazing Cars for Kids Today!

These affordable rides on cars for kids are available at Kids VIP, perfect for your little ones. Best-priced in the market, incomparable! Get your kids one of these ride-on cars and make the best decision ever. Made from high quality materials and fantastic features, what are you waiting for? Go and grab your ride-on car today at Kids VIP!

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