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What’s so special about the Kids Vip Brand?

Today we’ll find out just how special the Kids Vip brand is. 

Electric ride-on cars have evolved greatly since we were kids. In addition to a working FM radio and an MP3 player, many of these cars now come with LED lights and a working gear shift. 

Leather seats and two-point safety belts are even available for an enhanced driving experience. You can also find remote-operated ones, which parents can use to ensure that their little drivers are staying safe and off the roads.

But unlike many brands out there, there are plenty of features that make the Kidsvip brand stand out. Here are 4 reasons why the Kidsvip Brand is special.

Enhanced Safety Features

We take child safety as our top priority and our highest safety standards reflect just that. Our ride-on cars come with a strong suspension and an adjustable seat belt. 

They also feature a soft start feature that ensures the car’s speed is initially slow and builds up gradually to prevent any fear or shock from happening while driving our models. Lastly, all our electric cars are equipped with parental remote controls that allow parents to assist their children with driving, when necessary.

The electric toy cars from Kidvip also feature two-point seat belts, power lock capabilities, brake technology, and separate parental remote controls, so that the parents are always in control. You can always rest easy knowing that your children are safe when driving around in Kids Vip electric cars.

Parental Remote Control Feature

The ride-on cars of Kidsvip can be operated using the in-car controls, the steering wheel, electronic pedal, reverse/forward buttons, or by using the included fully functional remote control if your child cannot reach the pedals or if they need your help. 

As the parent, you have full control of the car using the parental remote. This keeps your child secure as they learn to maneuver the steering wheel while giving you peace of mind. Turning the steering wheel with the remote control turns the car, so your child can learn left and right. Furthermore, it allows you to control the speed. There are two forward speeds and one reverse speed, along with a brake button. I have to say, it was a life-saver for many parents.

Longer-Lasting Run Time

To ensure our customers’ satisfaction, Kidsvip provides every electric car with an extra-strong battery, which ensures power and durability. Years of experience taught us the importance of having stronger batteries to avoid the need to replace them earlier. 

One of the best features of our ride-on car is its battery. The longest ride time for this electric vehicle is an hour and a half after a mere one to five hours of charging. That’s impressive since most cars only last for about 30 to 45 minutes per charge

Parents and grandparents alike loved the fact that this car had a remote control. It allows children to learn to drive safely without hitting oncoming traffic or brick walls.

Easy Assemblage

When assembling one of our ride-on cars, we make sure assembling it is simple and quick, which is why our electric cars come nearly seventy percent assembled, requiring only some minor touches. 

Putting the cars together is not a hassle at all. We provide a detailed instruction manual that explains all the steps to set up the ride on. These steps involve no cables or wheel handling and are mostly concerned with the installation of the wheels and steering wheel. Only the plug-in contact will be required for the electronics part.

The ride-on and electric toy car industry have already given birth to a range of high-tech products designed to make sure that your child will enjoy the thrill of the chase while staying safe from all the driving hazards. You can always trust that the Kidsvip brand will always look forward and continue to bring you the best quality products for your child.

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